Abraham Lake Ice Conditions

Our Latest Observations

We're sharing updates on the ice conditions at Abraham Lake to help you plan your adventure. Keep in mind that conditions change quickly.

This represents the conditions we have observed at a specific point in time. We do not test the ice for public safety and you should only use the information we provide as a starting when making your decisions.

Ice safety depends on many more factors than the ice conditions alone and anybody going on the ice should have the knowledge and experience required to assess the risks, or should consider going with a guide.

Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles
Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles

We update the information as we have time, based on the reports we get from our local guides and partners. We do not have the resources to post updates daily nor to provide updates on-demand. 

Guided tours are available if you're looking for more information than what we can offer here, including about ice safety and the best locations to see the ice bubbles. 

Abraham Lake Ice Safety

We've put together a guide with a few things to consider when you plan your Abraham Lake ice walk to make it a safe adventure.

Latest Updates

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions - March 24 2023

Spring has sprung! The bubbles are still here, but are getting increasingly harder to see due to foggy ice.

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions - March 17 2023

Still plenty of bubbles to be found as we near spring.

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions - March 11 2023

We are still enjoying great late season conditions on the lake.

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions - March 2 2023

Still lots of good bubbles to be found but you will have to put in a bit more effort to find them.

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions - February 23 2023

The ice is covered with a deep snow layer, creating beautiful sculpted scenes. The ice fog brought in by the extreme cold makes for an eerie atmosphere.

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions - February 16 2023

The ice is still mostly in good shape between Windy and Preachers Point. The recent warm weather has broken up the ice north of Windy Point, where vast areas of open water are now found.

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions - December 28 2022

Great conditions almost everywhere but some open water at Belly. The best options are Ice Bubbles Parking Lot and Abraham Slabs.

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions - December 27 2022

The past few days have been very dynamic with temperatures going from -40C to +10C followed by heavy rain. Luckily, the ice conditions are great for the most part.

Head Out With A Guide

Make the most of your adventure and head out with a guide. Nordegg Adventures offers guided tours on Abraham Lake from November to March. Snowshoes, ice cleats and kicksleds are also available to rent in Nordegg.

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Head Out On Your Own

Sometimes you just want to head out on your own to explore the area. We get it. These are some of our observations after guiding hundreds of tours on Abraham Lake and spending many more days exploring the area on our own.