Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – January 20 2022

Varied weather and conditions

The signs of Monday night's storm are mostly gone thanks to a couple of days of strong winds clearing the ice.

Based on ice conditions checks on January 20, 2022

The last week has been all over the place weather-wise. We've seen temperatures below -25C and above 10C. Monday night's storm had left a layer of frozen slush on most of the lake but this is mostly gone now thanks to a couple of days of strong winds.

The most popular areas still have good bubbles to be found but expect the ice to be cloudier than we would normally see at this time of the year. This is likely to clear back up, as we've seen in past winters when we get rain in January (it happens almost every year).

Yesterday we found some of the clearest ice about 2 km across the lake. There were some very interesting cracks there but no bubbles.

Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles
Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles

The forecast for the next few days includes showers on Friday night followed by temperatures around 10C for the weekend. This should help clear the ice for the weekend but could make the start of the week a little more challenging once it re-freezes.

As always, the highest risks on Abraham Lake are on the rocky shoreline as you approach the lake and while standing on the ice near the shore. Make sure to brush off on your ice safety skills before you head out.

Where to Go

There are good pockets of bubbles to be found from the access at the Ice Bubbles parking lot and Abraham Slabs.

Pictures from this Week

Ice Safety

We share this information to help visitors to the area plan their trip. This represents the conditions we have observed at a specific point in time. Ice safety depends on many more factors than just ice conditions and anybody going on the ice should have the knowledge and experience required to assess the risks, or should consider going with a guide.

Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles

Head Out With A Guide

Make the most of your adventure and head out with a guide. Nordegg Adventures offers guided tours on Abraham Lake from November to April. Snowshoes, ice cleats and kicksleds are also available to rent in Nordegg.

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