April 2021 Meeting Highlights

A look at our plans as we expand our partnerships and content development projects.

Back in the summer of 2020 we started with just a couple of partners putting together a grant application so that we could create some new content to promote our destination.

These notes from our Miro Board cover a lot of the information that formed the basis for what Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake is today.

These were discussed individually with other operators and industry partners as well as together as a group in an online meeting in late April 2021.

Inspired by Nature tours

More Stories on Destination Development

October 2022 Meeting Highlights

An overview of our plans for 2022/23 and a discussion on the North Saskatchewan River Heritage Designation.

Some Numbers on Staff Housing

Rules for staff housing are different than other types of tenancies, including how much can be deducted from wages for rent.

Commercial Garbage Collection

Looking for solutions to the commercial garbage pickup challenges in Nordegg.

Visitor Friendly Assessment: 5 Years Later

Taking a look back at the David Thompson Country Visitor Friendly Assessment from 2017 to see how far we've come along implementing its recommendations.