December 2021 Meeting Highlights

Following up on the housing discussion, looking at our target markets with Travel Alberta and crafting winter itineraries.

This was our first in-person meeting in quite some time for some of the partners. It was a good opportunity to catch up and get to know each other better. Many thanks to the Goldeye Centre for providing the space.

A few of the items we discussed are listed here. The slides from the meeting are available below.

Housing Discussion

We followed up on some of the discussions from the October meeting to see which actions we can take now and which ones we must wait on the County before we can move forward. A meeting with Jose Reyes, Director of Planning at Clearwater County, is planned for January 2022.

Short-term rentals (aka Airbnb) came up as a related discussion, both in terms of displacing long-term rental units and other community issues like noise complaints.

A letter will be sent to Council highlighting some of the challenges and promoting that short-term rentals should be considered businesses.

On our side, we will only accept requests to join Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake from short-term rental operators who have local managers who can respond to community concerns.

The historic Nordegg Golf Course
Lisa Lima from Travel Alberta presenting on the Ultimate Travellers

Ideal Guests

Lisa Lima from Travel Alberta presented on the Ultimate Travellers. You can find out more information on

Our target market is the Curious Adventurers. You can find out more about our ideal guests here.

There are other types of visitors coming to our region. This doesn’t mean that we don’t want them, just that we focus our limited resources on those that impact most of us and who have the greatest potential to positively contribute to our local visitor economy.

Winter Campaigns

We began work on refining our winter themes, itineraries and plans for the Frozen Wonderland Festival.

Export Ready

We decided to leave this discussion for a later date. Reach out to Danielle, Lisa or JP if you have any questions.


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