Winter 2021 Content Shoot

Capturing the magic of winter adventures in the Nordegg & Abraham Lake region.

One of the challenges we had was a lack of photos and videos for the activities offered by our partners that matched the Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake brand. In late January we set out to fix that, working with MODERNSPEAK and Roam Creative over 3.5 days to capture the winter experience.

The results have been great with the photos used widely on our sites and by our partners. The new content was used on Girth Hitch’s website, Rockies Heli Canada’s brochure, David Thompson Country’s social media accounts and many other places.

This was made possible thanks to the support of Travel Alberta’s Coop Funding program and our partners volunteering their time.

The Nordegg Canteen
Expanse Cottages

The Finished Product

You can access the full gallery from this project on and the videos on YouTube. The photos and videos are available for our partners, including the travel trade and media, to use when promoting the region.

A look behind-the-scenes

Clearing the ice for the shoot
Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles
Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles
Clearing the ice for the shoot

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