Sobriety & Smoking


Smoking when on your break on Company property is strictly confined to designated smoking areas.


It’s no secret that Banff has an outstanding nightlife scene. Chances are there’s something going on most nights of the week. We ask that you please drink responsibly and remember that everything in life is best in moderation. Alternatively, Banff has some pretty incredible and unique communities that support a seemingly endless variety of healthy, sociable, fulfilling, and mentally and/or physically engaging pastimes. It is your responsibility to come to work fit to effectively and safely perform the duties of your role. Think carefully if planning a big night before that 7:00 am start. This is essential to avoid poor guest experiences, costly mistakes, and more importantly; injury to yourself and others. If your Manager or Supervisor deem that you are not in a sober state to work you will be sent home. Depending on the nature of the issue, a performance plan may be required (see Performance Management and Workplace Misconduct). Resources are also available to help manage addiction and support mental wellness. See Local Directory for more information. Alternatively, call, email, or drop-in and speak with a member of the Human Resources Team.