Siffleur Falls + Kootenay Plains Guided Hike

The full-day tour starts by taking us across the Kootenay Plains to the first falls on the Siffleur River. Along the way, we get great views of the surrounding mountains and we get to experience firsthand the local climate that makes this place special.

A great option for families and guests looking to see pretty waterfalls without committing to a long adventure. The hike is approximately 10 km long with an elevation gain of 230 metres.

This hike appeals most to curious adventurer families, guests who are new to hiking and social groups. Many are camping in the area or stopping by on their Columbia Icefields drive. This hike is often the reason to visit the region for Albertans here on a day trip.

The Journey

The Adventure Package

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Tour Summary

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The Itinerary

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The Itinerary Map

The printer-friendly version is available here. The detailed itinerary map will be available once the stories are completed.

The Stories

The Kootenay Plains is a diverse and special place that harbours a beautiful canyon and waterfall. The dry, montane habitat with it’s storied human history makes this a unique place within the Canadian Rockies.

Key Stories

  • The rain shadow and how it impacts the wildlife we find here.
  • The delicate soil and how our impacts are long-lasting.
  • The warm and dry climate has long attracted humans, from the Ktunaxa to David Thompson and the Palliser Expedition.
  • Early ranching and tourism, including Tom Wilson, Mary Schaffer and Martin Nordegg

Supporting Stories

  • The trees and plants that grow there (limber pine, bearberry, wolf willow, white spruce, lodge pole pine)
  • Local wildlife

The Adventure Stories

  • Canyon and cliff safety

We’ll be updating this section once the destination stories are completed.

The Checklist

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The Risk Management Plans

There are 3 of the risk management plans that apply to this tour:

More information on the risk management plans and safety kits is available here.