Guiding Viable, Desirable & Feasible Adventures

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Successful adventures need to be sustainable over the long term. This course provides an introduction to the constraints we need to consider to ensure that our adventures can be viable, desirable and feasible.

This course is currently being developed.

The content currently available is likely to change in the coming weeks. The modules are available for free as samples as we write them.

This course is an introduction to guiding responsible adventures, including a look at:

  • factors that help ensure that an adventure is viable;
  • leading adventures that are desirable for our local communities and other user groups;
  • minimizing our environmental impact; and
  • the requirements that must be met for us to be able to offer an adventure.

It is part of our Adventure Guide Training program and is to be completed prior to the in-person portion of that course to ensure that we are using a common language and starting point.

All of the training is specific to commercial guiding but a lot of the content may be of interest to others who enjoy adventures or who lead outdoor adventures for school groups, hiking clubs or friends.

Additional Training

As part of the Adventure Guide Training Course, we will use the information presented in this course to work through a case study looking at steps guides can take to ensure that an adventure is viable, desirable and feasible.

This session can also be offered on its own. Contact us at if you would like to find out more.