A Shared Starting Point

Finding a Common Language

Our industry brings together people from a wide variety of backgrounds. You’ll find that, depending on where you’ve worked before, the training you’ve taken part in and your interests, many of the words we use can mean something slightly different to each of us.

Our goal with this course is to create a common language shared amongst us as we work toward inspiring our guests to play outside and helping them experience their adventure so that they can discover the culture, people and natural beauty of the region

It is part of the onboarding process but we encourage you to come back to it on a regular basis. Each time you’ll find new ways that the information resonates with your work and, as you participate in our other professional development sessions, many of the ideas presented here will start to make more sense.

Do not try to memorize everything that’s presented or think that you need to fully understand each of the concepts. Instead, use them as references to help you make decisions and think of it as a shared starting point.