What We Do: Our Brands

The Goosebumps Moments

Everything we do is designed to create moments that take our guests out of their ordinary world, making them feel present and in awe.

We know we are successful when guests stop to take pictures, mention that this is something they want to remember and use words like exploring, happy, beautiful, awe, amazed, surreal, unexpected, taking the time, slowing down, taking a few days, peace and calm.

We Do

  • We offer slow travel to enjoy the journey and emphasize a deeper connection with the destination, its people and natural beauty.
  • Let the natural beauty of the region do the talking.
  • Create moments people enjoy first, then want to share as a result of the experience.

We Don’t

  • Offer programs that are focused on learning or technical skills outside of industry programs.
  • Build programs around digital detox, disconnect in nature or nature deficit disorder.
  • Use words like challenge, conquer, survive or bucket list to describe our products or the region.

Our Brands

Our brands are differentiated by the products offered. They share the same broader market and overarching goal of inspiring our guests to play outside and helping them experience their adventure so that they can discover the culture, people and natural beauty of the region.

We provide guided tours to some of the region’s most scenic locations and take care of the details so that the guests can be free to enjoy the moment.

Our day tours include:

  • Scenic floats on one of the most amazing sections of river with glaciers, mountains and the Kootenay Plains.
  • Hikes to waterfalls, canyons and amazing mountain views.
  • Side-by-side tours to big mountain views.
  • Kayaking tours through the flooded aspen in the turquoise waters of Abraham Lake.
  • Ice walks to the magic of the Abraham Lake ice bubbles.
  • Winter hikes and snowshoe tours to frozen waterfalls, canyons and amazing views.

Our Inspired by Nature series, offered in partnership with Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake, provides unique opportunities for guests to connect with chefs, artists, photographers, scientists and others as they share how nature and the region have influenced their work.

In the future: multi-day tours and an expanded day tours collection.

We offer delicious simple food and provide a space for guests to relax, plan their adventure and share their tales with friends afterward.

Our menu is inspired by adventures and features regional producers whenever possible. That includes:

  • Ice cream and ice pops.
  • Fries.
  • Beverages (espresso drinks, hot chocolate with housemade marshmallows, craft beer and craft cocktails).
  • Grab & go food for adventures.
  • Burger nights and other specials.
  • In the future: in-house bakery and expanded sit-down menu.

The Yard is a year-round space for locals and visitors to enjoy our food, events and mountain views. Music nights and other events continue to grow, both on-site and in other locations, on our own and in partnership with Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake.

The Adventure Room provides a place to book tours and gear rentals, find visitor information, and outdoor-inspired and local books. This will include outdoor gear retail in the future.

We facilitate destination development projects, promote the region and help visitors to plan their adventures.

Our destination development projects include:

  • Hosting events to encourage industry collaboration.
  • Sharing industry information with our partners.
  • Guide and staff training workshops.
  • Hosting and supporting destination events.
  • Advocating for solutions to industry challenges like permits and housing.

We promote the region through:

  • Content creation including photos and long-form stories.
  • Advertising in our target markets.
  • Hosting media and influencer visits.

We help visitors plan their adventure through:

  • Creating guides and itineraries.
  • Providing visitor information services.
  • Offering central booking services.
  • In the future, providing DMC/RTO services.

Take a look through our websites to learn what we offer and how we present it to our guests.

The best way to really learn what we do is to experience it yourself. That’s why you’ll start by shadowing another team member to first learn the products you’ll be offering. Over time, our goal is to have you experience as many of our products as possible.