Focus On The Product

Our culture and brands are shown first and foremost through the products we offer. Make sure that our products are the best they can be and the rest will follow.

The main criteria we use to determine our success is the quality of the experiences we offer. Yes, there are many other metrics we monitor and goals we set for ourselves. These, including revenues and repeat visits, are very important to our success. But achieving them at the expense of the experiences we offer is not success.

This means that our priority is to create the best products we can for our ideal guests. It means less focus on trends or market demands, especially where it would compromise the quality of the products we offer. It means that rather than reacting to the feedback from guests who are not our target market we focus on creating demand for our products within our target markets. It means having a point of view and believing in the products we create.

This is the foundation on which we build everything else. Our marketing and sales rely on us having the best possible product for our target markets. All the work we do behind the scenes is worth the effort because of that focus on creating the best possible experience for our ideal guests. 

What’s a quality product or experience? It’s when we deliver on goosebumps moments that each of our brands promises to our guests. This may mean something slightly different from product to product. For example, the expectations on the Glaciers + Fires Scenic Float are different than on the 1 Hour Scenic Float. The same can be said for a guest ordering fries to go compared to somebody enjoying live music in the yard. It doesn’t mean that one is lower quality than the other and both need to be executed to the best of our abilities.

This is hard to capture in a job description or a checklist. In short, your role as a guide or Canteen staff is to facilitate those goosebumps moments for our guests. Your manager’s role is to continuously improve our products and to support you so that you can focus on the execution.

Focus on the product and the rest will follow.