How We Present The Region And Ourselves

Who we are and what makes our region special shows through everything we do. Use this section as a reference for the various design and brand elements we use.

We feature our mountain destination and the human connections in everything we do. This is how we describe our region:

Nordegg & Abraham Lake is a different kind of Rockies experience where nightlife means campfires and starry skies, where the best trails are often unmarked and sometimes even missing from the maps.


Adventures off the beaten path take a little more effort, but the rewards are well worth it: stunning canyons, incredible peaks, glaciers, amazing rivers and the ice bubbles of Abraham Lake. Our mountain setting is what draws our guests to the region and keeps them coming back. It provides the backdrop for the activities they love, and the ones they are discovering, whether that’s taking in the sights, hiking, snowshoeing, or capturing those moments through art or photography.

Adventures are first and foremost human stories. Our primary themes center around the characters who live here and built this place, life in remote communities and finding youself in our beautiful landscape. Our secondary themes build on this by sharing the activities that shape the people, take us to those views and lead us to goosebumps moments.

Our Spaces

There are a lot of limitations on how we can design the spaces we use. These include that we do not control many of those spaces, like public lands, and the temporary nature of the leased lands at the Canteen. This means that we often have to compromise and do the best with what we have. Our design is inspired by other remote communities in harsh environments, like Scandinavia, Iceland, Newfoundland, etc. These guidelines help guide our decisions:

  • Embrace a more minimalistic design that is clean and tidy, allowing us to focus on the elements we want to elevate.
  • We like things to be a little brighter and more colourful than average.

Dress Code

We do not have a uniform for our staff at the moment. Our preference is for staff to wear mountain / outdoor styles, including from brands like NRS, Outdoor Research, LL Bean, Keen, Merrell and Helly Hansen. The clothing must be appropriate for the activity, like closed-toe shoes in the kitchen and a winter jacket on ice walks. Getting a little dirty is part of what we do but clothing should be clean, in good conditions and free of stains at the start of every shift.


We cover a wide range from a little louder than average to complete silence, depending on the situation. When in nature, we let nature’s sounds shine. We embrace the silence and often move in a quieter fashion so that we can immerse ourselves in the landscape.

In places like the Canteen and in vehicles, it’s a different story. We like an eclectic choice of music, often played slightly louder than average to bring life to the space. We know that some guests may prefer a quieter space and this is something we address by designing the space to provide some quieter areas rather than adjusting the volume.

Throughout The Seasons

A lot changes during the year as we go from summer adventures to the bright colours of fall and the peacefulness of our frozen wonderland. These seasonal themes shape how we share our products and the region throughout the seasons.

Ramp Up To Summer – May + June

The views are the backdrop for doing the activities. Hiking, paddling, biking and all kinds of outdoor adventures fill the day while the evenings are spent around a campfire with friends.

Summer Adventures –  July + August

This is the time to play outside, have family adventures and spend lazy afternoons relaxing in nature. The days are longer and so are the adventures. It’s less about the hiking, paddling or biking activities at this time of the year and more about the waterfalls, stunning views and wildflowers we come across along the way.

Fall Colours – September

It’s a time of change. For some it’s about trying to finish the list of hikes that was planned in the spring. For others it’s about slowing down to enjoy the fall colours, chasing the moments with a camera and relaxing by the warmth of a campfire. It’s also a time to reconnect with co-workers and plan ahead for the upcoming year.

The Fall Odd Season – October + November

The first snow is here. We’re excited for the winter to come along with the ice bubbles and frozen waterfalls that are starting to form. At the same time, fall is hanging around making it an unpredictable season where we could hike one day and snowshoe the next.

The Magic of Winter – December

The magic of the holidays and the fresh snow on the trees put us in a festive mood. It’s time to play outside without pushing our limits. The days are spent taking in the sights of the ice bubbles and winter beauty while the evenings are spent by the fire back at the cabin.

Frozen Wonderland – January

The conditions are harsh but the rewards are well worth it. Amazing sunrise and sunsets, the clearest ice bubbles and majestic frozen waterfalls make us stop to capture the moment.

Winter Warmth – February

The days are getting longer and sun warmer. We’re heading back out for longer adventures, pushing a little harder as we play while enjoying late afternoon campfires with friends and family.

The Spring Odd Season – March + April

We’re looking back at an awesome winter, wrapping up those adventures we couldn’t fit in earlier before the snow is all gone. At the same time, we’re dreaming of summer adventures and excited for what’s to come. The weather doesn’t help, one day we could be skiing and the next day we can get on the water for a paddle.

Logos, Fonts And Colours

We follow these guidelines in everything we do, whether it’s for an internal or external audience.

Our Logos

Our logos are designed to work together or on their own. They can be used horizontally or vertically as a group. The order is always Nordegg Adventures, Nordegg Canteen and then Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake.

The logo files are available in Google Drive.

Alternate Logos

Each of the logo can be used with a transparent background on photos.

The Nordegg Canteen horizontal logos can be used on their own, but not in combination with either the Nordegg Adventures or the Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake Logos (with the exception of some signage).

The blue Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake logo is used to denote material designed for our industry partners.


Nordegg Adventures: Because adventure is found wherever you look…

The Nordegg Canteen and Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake do not have a tagline.


We use Montserrat for headers and call to actions, Roboto for copy.

Tile: Montserrat Extrabold Uppercase

Subtitle and Header: Montserrat Semibold Uppercase

Subheaders: Montserrat Light Uppercase

Copy: Roboto Light

Emphasis: Roboto Medium (Bold on websites)

CTA Button: Montserrat Semibold Uppercase


Nordegg Adventures

RGB 40, 81, 41
CMYK 51, 0, 49, 68

RGB 58, 157, 60
CMYK 63, 0, 62, 38

RGB 107, 47, 132
CMYK 19, 64, 0, 48

RGB 53, 55, 64
CMYK 17, 14, 0, 75

Nordegg Canteen

RGB 191, 82, 57
CMYK 0, 57, 70, 25

RGB 127, 151, 179
CMYK 29, 16, 0, 30

RGB 191, 179, 120
CMYK 0, 6, 37, 25

RGB 70, 106, 94
CMYK 34, 0, 11, 58

RGB 1, 105, 167
CMYK 99, 37, 0, 35

Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake

# F6B81D
RGB 246, 184, 29
CMYK 3, 29, 99, 0

RGB 35, 59, 78
CMYK 55, 24, 0, 69

RGB 0, 75, 88
CMYK 100, 15, 0, 65

RGB 4, 141, 165
CMYK 98, 15, 0, 35

RGB 164, 79, 36
CMYK 0, 52, 78, 36

RGB 88, 41, 1
CMYK 0, 53, 99, 65

Neutral Colours – All Brands

RGB 51, 51, 51
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 80

RGB 255, 255, 255
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0

RGB 218, 220, 224
CMYK 3, 2, 0, 12

Photography Guide

Our photography needs to capture the feelings that come with the goosebumps moment. We strive for the fine balance between the unexpected and boosting the senses without going into the unrealistic or inaccessible. We showcase conditions that are not always perfect, sharing the beauty of life in a harsh environment. We try to capture the sense of feeling of being small in a grand landscape as well as the sense of connection between people, and between people and the place.

When sharing photos from our tours, products and events, we aim for an establishing shot placing ourselves within the region, a few action shots sharing the sense of connection between our guests and what we offer, and finally, a few background shots showcasing our guides, staff, partners and the products themselves.

Style Guide

A few notes to help you create content, internally and for our guests:

  • We address the guests by their first name and sign every communication with our own names.
  • Aim to be professional yet personal: we can be warm and share our emotions without being overly casual.
  • We use contractions, are succinct and use appropriate punctuation.
  • We use guests rather than customers or clients, visitors rather than tourists and we refer to other tourism businesses and stakeholders as industry partners.
  • We use Nordegg Adventures to refer to our guided activities and the business as a whole. Nordegg Canteen refers to our physical location and food services. We use Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake to refer to our visitor information and stories. We avoid using the shorter “Explore Nordegg” whenever possible.
  • Use Nordegg & Abraham Lake to refer to the region. Clearwater County refers to our municipal government. Do not use David Thompson Corridor, unless sharing content from another organization.
  • You can use town or townsite in informal conversations when referring to Nordegg. We use hamlet only in official communications. Do not use Historic Nordegg or ghost town.
  • Use Îyârhe Nakoda to refer to the Stoney Nakoda First Nations and Kiska Waptan (Big Horn) when referring to the Big Horn Reserve.
  • Avoid using words like challenge, conquer and bucket list when describing the region. Use “-ing” instead of “-ers” (e.g. hiking instead of hikers) when talking about activities.
  • Do not engage or share content that includes illegal activities (including alcohol where not allowed, inappropriate camping, unlicensed businesses, etc), activities with a negative impact or improper safety.


Related Regional Brand

Canadian Rockies

This brand resonates best with our target markets and our region. Use in most markets to build on their familiarity with Banff and Jasper while appealing to those looking for a less developed experience.

Be clear that we are at the edge of Banff National Park along the Icefields Parkway but also 2.5 hours from the towns of Banff and Jasper.

David Thompson Country

The brand resonates best with those from Central Alberta and Edmonton looking for a self-guided experience.

It is a Rocky Mountain House centric brand that we can best use to promote day trips to visitors staying within that region.

Alberta’s West Country

Use in markets that are already familiar with Alberta to connect our region with the Rocky Mountain House area, Sundre and the Cowboy Trail.

This brand overlaps with David Thompson Country and has a stronger connection to the foothills, random camping and self-guided adventures.

Do not use Central Alberta, or West Central Alberta, to describe our region.