Scenic Float Guide Training

This course builds on our Adventure Guide Training Courses to train guides leading commercial scenic float trips using inflatable rafts with oars on the North Saskatchewan River.

This course is currently being developed.

The content currently available is likely to change in the coming weeks and the online course is currently available for free.

The online portion of the course covers the theory and background information that will be used for the in-person training days. On its own, it provides an introduction for those who are curious to learn more about guiding scenic float tours and is a refresher for returning guides.

This course is designed to build on the Adventure Guide Training Course where we introduced the adventure framework as a way to create memorable experiences for our guests. In this course we will be introducing:

  • How the adventure framework can be applied to guiding scenic float tours on the North Saskatchewan River;
  • The skills required to confidently navigate the raft using oars;
  • Ideas that can be used as a starting point for creating moments and sharing stories while on the river;
  • The elements of a safe adventure, including risk assessments and emergency action plans; and
  • The logistics that come together to create a positive guest experience.

All of the training is specific to commercial scenic floats but a lot of the content may be of interest to others who enjoy paddling on the North Saskatchewan River.


  • Completion of the Adventure Guide Training Course


A certificate of completion will be provided for the online course and the in-person training.

Graduates of this course who have also completed our Hiking Guide Course are eligible to obtain the Paddling and Hiking Field Leader certification from the Outdoor Council of Canada as part of this course.

This course is specific to our tours on the North Saskatchewan River and cannot prepare you for the uniqueness of other rivers or guiding contexts. Graduates of this course looking to work elsewhere will need to complete additional training specific to their employer and location.

In-Person Training

The in-person course consists of 4 days of practical training.

  • Day 1: Review of the online course and introduction to the equipment.
  • Day 2: The river, risk management and emergency situations.
  • Day 3: Rowing skills practice on the river.
  • Day 4: The tour itineraries.

The morning of day 1 is indoors and the afternoon on Goldeye Lake. The rest of the training is on the North Saskatchewan River.

Standard first-aid is required prior to attending.

Additional Training

Standard first-aid is the minimum requirement for guides. Additional first-aid training related to the guiding on rivers in remote areas is recommended.

The rescue training included is specific to our operations. Swiftwater rescue courses are recommended for guides looking to learn more about guiding in a variety of conditions and locations.