Review: Guide Training and Development

This review is a little different: it’s about taking some time to look at where we are at in our guiding journey and what the next steps might be. We’ll use the IACRCv framework to assess our skills in the various competencies for a simple tour. Here’s a reminder of what each stage of skills development looks like:

  • Initiation: this is the first introduction to a skill. Guides at this stage can assist other guides but are not ready to lead on their own.
  • Acquisition: the guiding is still mechanical and inconsistent but the key components are executed properly. Guides at this stage can guide simple tours on their own, following a detailed itinerary with scripted stories.
  • Consolidation: the guiding starts to have a more natural rhythm and flow but is still inconsistent under pressure. Guides at this stage can guide more complex tours following a detailed itinerary or simpler tours with a more general itinerary.
  • Refinement: the guiding is consistent, even under pressure and the guide can facilitate an established tour without relying on a detailed itinerary.
  • Creative Variations: the guiding reflects a personal style that can be performed in a variety of conditions. Guides at this stage can adapt tours in unexpected situations in a way that feels seamless to the participants.

These questions are meant as a reflection. The system we use requires that they receive a grade, please disregard those.