We believe that by working together we can grow our destination and help more people discover the culture, people and natural beauty of our region.

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Our goal at Nordegg Adventures is to inspire our guests to play outside and help them experience their adventure so that they can discover the culture, people and natural beauty of the region.

Our guests, the visitors to the region and our industry all benefit when we work together, share and collaborate. That’s why we created Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake, a nonprofit corporation.

This is our attempt at sharing some of the things we’ve learned along the way, paying forward all the great support we’ve received over the years and making it easier for all of us to work together to grow our destination.

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Have a look at our winter plans and see how they can work for you.

Thanks to the support of Travel Alberta’s Cooperative Investment Program, we’ve been able to invest in the development of some great photos and videos to promote our region.

Have a look at what we have planned for this winter and how you can get involved.

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