About Us

The Nordegg & Abraham Lake region is a truly special place. It’s a different kind of Rockies experience, something that’s hard to explain until you’ve been there.

We believe that our region is a truly amazing place, with outstanding experiences to be shared with our guests. It’s still a little rough along the edges, making it hard sometimes for our visitors to see what we see.

That’s why we choose to work together to inspire people to visit the region and to help them plan their adventure so that they can discover the culture, people and natural beauty of the Nordegg & Abraham Lake region. Along the way, we help each other so that our experiences continue to exceed our visitors’ expectations.

Cozy evenings at Expanse Cottages
Abraham Lake and the David Thompson Highway

We do this by collaborating with like-minded partners who believe in building experiences with intent. We all know the benefits of partnerships but we also know that they’re hard work. This is about making it easier to work together as a region.

This is not a directory of all there is to do in the region, rather it’s a carefully curated collection of outstanding adventures built around our ideal guest, the curious adventurers who love the outdoors. It includes all kinds of adventures, from ice climbing to quiet moments on the frozen Abraham Lake and everything in between. As far as we’re concerned, adventure is about doing things that are new and different for each of us, doing things that can be a little scary but that also makes us curious to explore further.

Get Involved

Experience Providers

Cline River Canyon

Are you passionate about creating outstanding Nordegg & Abraham Lake experiences?

Let’s work together to share what makes our region so amazing. We’re looking for others who believe in collaboration and who share our passion for crafting adventures for curious adventurers who love the outdoors.

About This Project

It started back in 2012 as the Explore Central Alberta blog on our website for Nordegg Adventures, back when we were known as Pursuit Adventures and based in Red Deer. We found it hard to find experiences that would appeal to our guests and most of what we could find was the usual listing of everything that exists in the area. We wanted something that went beyond the “there’s something for everybody” approach and started to build guides for activities that would appeal to our guests.

It started as a side project but as time went on it became clear that our guests were looking for this type of information. In the fall of 2018, we relaunched the site as a standalone website at explorecentralalberta.ca. This allowed us to update the guides to a new format that was more user-friendly, to expand the content and simplify the experience booking process for visitors.

In 2020, during the pandemic, we made the decision to relocate to Nordegg and to focus our attention on the west end of David Thompson Country. We rebranded the site as Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake and re-aligned the content to focus only on our region, located between Central Alberta and the Mountain National Parks.

    Moving Forward

    We decided to create a separate nonprofit corporation for Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake so that we could better focus our efforts, access support and make some logistical challenges like insurance easier to address. The Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake Corporation is now a federally registered nonprofit owned by Nordegg Adventures, focused on the development and promotion of our region as a destination. This allows us to keep Nordegg Adventures focused on the tours we offer directly while we focus on partnerships and joint initiatives here.

    Our goals are to:

    • Inspire visitors to explore the region through great content.
    • Make planning visits easier through guides, recommendations and itineraries.
    • Simplify the booking process through a central booking for experiences and packages.

      The Organization

      Advisory Board

      Many thanks to the incredible people who help us grow our destination and contribute to our local visitor economy. The advisory board helps us make sure that we stay on track and that our efforts benefit our partners and community.

      Current members are:

      • Lanny Anderson – Goldeye Centre
      • Jennifer Ariano – Expanse Cottages and ROADHOUSE arts
      • April Feenstra – Miners’ Cafe
      • Linda Christensen – Nordegg Community Association
      • JP Fortin – Nordegg Adventures
      • Danielle Fortin – Nordegg Adventures


      We’re moving ahead with plans for monthly meetings to make things easier for all of us to work together. Notes from past meetings are available in Miro.

      Current Partners

      We’re grateful for the continuous support in developing our promoting our destination we receive from Travel Alberta and Clearwater County, through David Thompson Country along with the local partners we’ve been fortunate to work with for recent projects.