Waivers plan an important role in how we manage risks as a company, are a requirement from our insurance provider, and help protect the guides in case of an accident.

A signed waiver is required from each participant prior to them taking part in any of our tours & activities. All guests are informed at the time of booking that a waiver is required and they have the opportunity to review the waiver prior to confirming their booking.

In most cases, the waivers are signed online prior to the tour.

This means that as guides we no longer have to get the guests to sign them as part of our pre-tour introductions. The information below applies in cases where the waiver must be signed in person.

In-Person Waivers

As the guide, you are responsible to ensure that each guest has reviewed, properly filled and signed the waiver in those cases.

Waiver Types

We use 2 types of waivers, depending on the circumstances.

The Individual Waiver is used primarily for guests who take part in multiple activities throughout the season and for unaccompanied minors. These may be signed at the check-in time but are usually done ahead of time at the office, with a note that a waiver is not required on your guest list. They are valid for all activities throughout the remainder of the season.

The Group Waiver is used on the majority of our tours. It includes the same information as the Individual Waiver except for the personal information requirements. All guests sign the same waiver after reading it. Group Waivers are only valid for that specific tour and must be signed each time.


During check-in for the activity, you must follow the following steps for each waiver:

  1. Ask the guests if they have been drinking or are otherwise incapacitated.
    1. Anybody who answers yes cannot sign the waiver or take part in the activity.
  2. Provide an opportunity for the guests to read and sign (in your presence) the waiver.
    1. Explain that you will sign as the witness.
    2. Explain that each adult must sign their own waiver and that a legal guardian must sign for each minor.
  3. Ask the guests: “Have you read and do you understand the waiver?”
    1. Each guest must respond affirmatively.
  4. Check that all personal information is complete, including name, year of birth and signature.
  5. Check that the wording of the waiver has not been altered.
  6. Sign as a witness for the waivers.
  7. Properly store the completed waivers for the duration of the activity and return them to the office within 72 hours.


If a guest asks or questions the waiver, the official explanation is:

The document you are asked to sign is a Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement. It is a legal document and by signing the Waiver and Indemnity, you are giving up certain legal rights, including the right to sue should you be injured while participating in this activity.

You are not required to explain or defend any item in the waiver. All guests acknowledge at the time of booking that the waiver must be signed prior to the activity, can read the actual waiver from our website and can obtain legal assistance from a professional prior to the activity if they wish to.

If they still have questions, inform them that unfortunately, you are not able to assist them further at this time so that the activity can proceed on schedule. They can contact the office for any future questions.

If they refuse to sign the waiver, they cannot take part in the activity and will not be issued a refund (regular cancellation policy applies).