Thoughts & Insights

July 2022 Meeting Highlights

A discussion with the incident command team from Clearwater County, Alberta Wildfire, AEMA and Alberta Parks on the Black Mountain Fire.

May 2022 Meeting Highlights

Discussions with Alberta Parks on current challenges, like communication and permits along with opportunities for parks in the region.

April 2022 Meeting Highlights

The two main items this month were the revamped Travel Alberta grant program and a discussion with Alberta Parks on local challenges we often encounter.

Frozen Wonderland Content Shoot

Bringing the frozen wonderland theme to life with artisans, locals and amazing landscapes.

February 2022 Meeting Highlights

A short meeting to catch up during the winter season and to take a look at destination activation options for next year.

January 2022 Meeting Highlights

Discussing the Nordegg Development Plan with Jose Reyes, Clearwater County's Director of Planning, to find out more about how it impacts our housing challenges.

December 2021 Meeting Highlights

Following up on the housing discussion, looking at our target markets with Travel Alberta and crafting winter itineraries.

October 2021 Meeting Highlights

A discussion with Jerry Pratt, Clearwater County's EDO, on the housing challenges faced by businesses in Nordegg.

Fall Colours Content 2021

Capturing the beauty of the fall colours and sharing the stories of the region.

Summer 2021 Content Shoot

Building our summer adventure content, from rafting to nature-inspired art and hiking, with MODERNSPEAK and Roam Creative.

April 2021 Meeting Highlights

A look at our plans as we expand our partnerships and content development projects.

Winter 2021 Content Shoot

Capturing the magic of winter adventures in the Nordegg & Abraham Lake region with Modernspeak and Roam Creative.

The Adventure Framework

These are the elements we bring together to create the adventure. This is our framework to determine which options will best work together.

Two Approaches to Experience Development

The difference between the retail and intentional approaches to experiences is one of mindset: a focus on the short versus the long term.

Embracing Constraints

Authenticity, desirability, feasibility and viability need to be addressed at every step of the experience development process.

Experiential Travel, Adventure Tourism and Outdoor Recreation

All of these activities have the power to transform participants. The difference is on what they aim to change.