Thoughts & Insights

Frozen Wonderland Content Shoot

Bringing the frozen wonderland theme to life with artisans, locals and amazing landscapes.

Fall Colours Content 2021

Capturing the beauty of the fall colours and sharing the stories of the region.

Summer 2021 Content Shoot

Building our summer adventure content, from rafting to nature-inspired art and hiking, with MODERNSPEAK and Roam Creative.

Winter 2021 Content Shoot

Capturing the magic of winter adventures in the Nordegg & Abraham Lake region with Modernspeak and Roam Creative.

The Adventure Framework

These are the elements we bring together to create the adventure. This is our framework to determine which options will best work together.

Two Approaches to Experience Development

The difference between the retail and intentional approaches to experiences is one of mindset: a focus on the short versus the long term.

Embracing Constraints

Authenticity, desirability, feasibility and viability need to be addressed at every step of the experience development process.

Experiential Travel, Adventure Tourism and Outdoor Recreation

All of these activities have the power to transform participants. The difference is on what they aim to change.

Start with Why

There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it - Simon Sinek

Packages, itineraries, experiences...

The need to explain the difference between a travel package, an itinerary, a destination experience and a product experience is one that we come across often when working with others on new opportunities.

Asking Why to Craft Better Experiences

A look at two different ways to craft experiences we often come across, each of them appealing to a different type of operators and guests.

Transparency and Sharing

Transparency is about more than just PR. It’s about raising the bar for all of us to create better guest experiences and grow our local visitor economy.