Industry Workshop – Bear Safety with Kim Titchener

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Industry Workshop – Bear Safety with Kim Titchener

Learn How to Avoid Encounters with Bears and Be Better Prepared

We live, work and play in bear country. It is our responsibility to know how to avoid bear encounters and what to do if we run into a bear.

In this industry focused bear safety workshop, you will learn how to avoid encounters with bears and be better prepared to respond to defensive or non-defensive encounters. You will learn about bear ecology and identification, how to identify signs of a bear in the area and avoid bear encounters, types of bear attacks and what to do in the event of an attack.

This event will be followed by Bears & Beers!



Bear Safety & More’s founder, Kim Titchener, has worked on wildlife conflict reduction programs with multiple government agencies, communities, and industries for 18 years. Kim is an engaging educator and professional speaker who studied environmental education, resource and wildlife management and leadership at Lakehead University. She gained her practical expertise from field experience in Banff National Park, monitoring grizzly and black bear activity, performing bear aversion, and delivering public education on bear safety. Kim has been commissioned for input by communities, businesses, and organizations across North America, and in 2014 was awarded the SHIFT Sustainability Award for Nature – international recognition for her work in wildlife conservation. She continues to expand her professional knowledge through ongoing education, speaking and conference engagements.