Industry Workshop – Own Your Story

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Industry Workshop – Own Your Story

Stories are at the core of what we do. We tend to spend a lot of time learning the facts but less time practicing our storytelling skills. Jason Thompson knows a lot about bringing stories to life and will be sharing some of the tools we can use to engage our guests and visitors.

The half-day interactive workshop on storytelling incorporates group work, writing, drawing and speaking. We'll be exploring:

  • How to create and deliver great stories;
  • Audience analysis to ensure emotional connections;
  • Empowering an authentic storytelling style;
  • Three Story frameworks to build your toolkit of resources;
  • Story tips and techniques to craft and share ideas that inspire action.

There will also be time to practice your storytelling with Jason.

Jason Thompson

Jason is obsessed with innovating new ways of creating amazing stories that are absurdly memorable and wickedly effective.

His works blend the practical with the theoretical, including 25 years of television, mobile gaming, book publishing and advertising industry experience complemented by 12 years as a Professor of Story at Sheridan College. He has worked as a writer, story artist, animation director, animator and designer on productions for Disney Jr., Disney Interactive, Warner Brothers, CBC, Teletoon, National Geographic Kids and the Cartoon Network among others. As an artist and animator for Electronic Arts in England he created some of the first designs for the Harry Potter game series before the movies had been released. (Imagine the pressure of getting Hagrid’s design right!)

He is the founder of The Storyist, a strategic storytelling consulting practice, and the creator of The Art of Dad, a visual storytelling property that explores the pains and joys of parenthood.

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This workshop is open to Explore Nordegg Partners and local tourism staff.

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