Hustle Trout Fly Fishing


Get outdoors, have some fun and learn the ins and outs of fly fishing while soaking in Alberta’s magnificent scenery.

Hustle Trout Fly Fishing is an Alberta-based outfit that specializes in fly fishing. A wide variety of packages are available, and guests can choose from a relaxing day in the drift boat on river; a world renowned blue-ribbon trout stream; a hard days trek through dense willow and brush to hunt for elusive brown trout; or scaling 100ft inclines on loose shale banks into untouched clear mountain pools filled with eager cutthroat and bull trout – just to name a few.

Adventures are designed to get guests outdoors while having fun and learning about watersheds and biodiversity, while also soaking in the scenery and learning about the ins and outs of the sport of fly fishing. These experiences are just as important as the fishing.