Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve

The Kootenay Plains

The golden plains of the Saskatchewan

by | Published on April 16, 2017 | Last updated on April 16, 2017

The information below is based on our numerous visit to the area, including on September 8, 2016.
A protected area that is significant for historical and environmental reasons.
The Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve represents one of the best montane habitat in the province with a unique grassland and forest mosaic providing a home to many species of rare plants, birds and wildlife. Those conditions made it an important area for natives and early explorers to the area.
Kootenay Plains

The Siffleur Falls trail

Kootenay Plains

The Siffleur River canyon

Things To Do

Random camping and fires are prohibited within the ecological reserve.


There are many trails in the area, including Siffleur Falls, Survey Hill, Heritage Trail, Bridge Creek, Kinglet Lake and Tuff Puff Ridge.


The plains are a great spot for photography, including the reflection pools across from the Kinglet Lake trailhead.

Ice Climbing

For more information about local routes contact COE.


Two O’Clock Creek Campground located nearby offers great options with great views from every site. Calvacade Group Campground includes kitchen shelters and is a great option for groups large and small.

Plan Your Adventure

The information below is based on our numerous visit to the area, including on September 8, 2016.

  • Activity: Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Ice Climbing, Geocaching
  • Services: None
  • Picnic Tables: No
  • Washrooms: Dry toilets at the Siffleur Falls Staging Area
  • Season: Year round
  • Congestion: Minimal except for the Siffleur Falls area
  • Getting There: The Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve is located on Highway 11 approximately 21 km east of Saskatchewan River Crossing and 62 km west of Nordegg. The main access is at the Siffleur Falls Staging Area.
  • Management: Alberta Parks
  • Protection Status: Ecological Reserve
  • Dogs Allowed: Yes
  • Permits / Restrictions: None
  • Cell Reception: None

Outdoor Safety

  • For your safety and the protection of the area please follow trail signs, stay on the trail and respect all trail closures
  • Be respectful of wildlife and familiarize yourself with wildlife safety techniques including keeping your pet on a leash and keeping your group together.
  • Always use the bear proof garbage bin, keep a clean site and store your food in a bear safe fashion.
  • Always be prepared when travelling outdoors.
  • This area has no cell phone reception. We recommend carrying an InReach on your hikes. A pay phone is available near the trailhead at the highway pullout across from the Cavalcade Group Campground.
  • Information provided here may be inaccurate or outdated. Always make sure to obtain current information before going on your adventure.


There are inherent risks in outdoor activities. Although we strive to provide accurate information and to alert you of potential dangers, trail conditions may change quickly due to weather conditions and other factors. Using the information provided on this site is entirely at your own risk and Pursuit Adventures is in no ways liable for any injuries or other damages that may be sustained by anyone using the trails or information described on this site.

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