Restaurants & Groceries

A snack for the trail or a treat to celebrate afterward

Food is part of every adventure, whether it’s fuel to keep us going or an excuse to get together to share stories.

Enjoy the local flavours a the Miners Cafe or the Nordegg Canteen. Both restaurants are open year-round and feature regional products alongside housemade treats like pie, donuts and fries. You’ll also find restaurants at the Nordegg Lodge, David Thompson Resort and The Crossing Resort.

Picnic lunch from the Nordegg Canteen
Pie at Miner's Cafe

Groceries can be more challenging if you’re planning to camp or stay in a self-catered cabin since we do not have a grocery store in the region. We recommend stocking up in Banff or Rocky Mountain House on your way here.

You’ll find a growing selection of items however if you forgot to pack a few things. The Nordegg Shell and the FasGas Nordegg General Store both have pantry items and frozen means while the Beehive Artisans Market carries fresh produce.

Like everywhere else, we are experiencing a shortage of staff in Nordegg & Abraham Lake. All our local restaurants are aiming to operate fulltime with a full menu, but you may encounter some closures.


Miners Cafe

Road-trip-worthy pies, do we need to say more?

Stop by this great cafe for a sandwich, a bowl of soup or a salad to go with your slice of pie on your next trip.

The Nordegg Canteen

Donuts, ice cream, fries, sandwiches, salads and craft beer. Grab a lunch to go for your adventure or stop by afterward to enjoy a treat in the yard.

Live music and burgers every Saturday night throughout the summer.


Beehive Artisans Market

The Beehive brings in fresh veggies from Central Alberta every week. They also offer a selection of preserves, pickled veggies and cheese.

You’ll find them between Miners Cafe and the Shell as you enter Nordegg.