Cline River Canyon Trail Guide


A great option for a short hike along Abraham Lake, taking you close to the edge of the Cline River Canyon and to dramatic views along the way.

Published on September 29, 2016 | Last updated on October 31, 2022

This trail is similar to the first section of the Coral and Cline Canyons hike (you’ll see the trail across the canyon on many occasions) with the option of reaching the bottom of the canyon in an area popular in the winter with ice climbers.

This makes for a great family hike but keep in mind that this is an unofficial trail without any railing or guards along the edge of the canyon.

The Cline River has gone by many names over the years. A.P. Coleman, the geologist and explorer, named it the Cataract River in 1893. Mary Schaffer refers to it by that name in her book when she made the journey from Pinto Lake to the Kootenay Plains in 1907.

It was later called the Whitegoat River before getting its current name from Michel Klyne, the Hudson Bay Company postmaster for Jasper House from 1824 to 1834.

Whitegoat Falls

Whitegoat Falls


  • Distance: 3.3 km return
  • Elevation gain: ~115 m
  • Challenge Level: Easy
  • Trail type: Partial Loop
  • Congestion: Moderate
  • Management: Kiska / Wilson PLUZ
  • Other Trail Uses: None

Trailhead: The Pinto Lake Recreation Trail Staging Area is a short distance south west of the Cline River bridge, approximately 48 km west of Nordegg and 41 east of Saskatchewan River Crossing on Highway 11.



  • 0.1 km | Random campsite
  • 0.5 km | Junction – keep left
  • 0.9 km | Junction – keep right
  • 1.1 km | Junction – keep left
  • 1.2 km | Viewpoint – keep left
  • 1.4 km | Junction – river access along the creek
  • 1.6 km | Cline River


  • 0.2 km | Junction – keep left to retrace your steps
  • 0.4 km | Viewpoint – go straight along the canyon
  • 0.7 km | Great view of the Cline River
  • 0.8 km | River access at the end of the canyon
  • 1.2 km | Junction – keep left
  • 1.7 km | Trailhead


Follow the old road heading up the edge of the gravel pit, ignore a footpath on the left at the top of the hill (this trail connects with the Pinto Lake Recreation Trail) and walk through a random campsite, staying on the well defined path.

The trail is broad and takes you into the forest. The next junction at 0.5 km is the trail you will be on when you come back. Continue straight ahead.
The trail to Whitegoat Falls

The trail to Whitegoat Falls

The trail to Whitegoat Falls

This section of trail is pleasant but without any great views. Soon you come upon a short hill with a trail merging from the left. Continue on the main trail to the right. From here the trail gets narrower and more interesting.

Crossing a couple of sometimes muddy section you get great views of Abraham Lake in the distance.

The trail to Whitegoat Falls

The trail to Whitegoat Falls

The trail to Whitegoat Falls

At 1.1 km a shortcut on the right heads directly to a narrow section of the canyon where you may come across groups crossing on a Tyrolean traverse. Continue on the trail to the left for now as you are only a short distance away from the viewpoint.

The views as you come across a 90-degree bend in the river are great on their own and would make for a great lunch spot. If you don’t mind a short but steep section along a small stream, continue on to make your way to the bottom of the canyon.

The trail to Whitegoat Falls

The trail to Whitegoat Falls

Going left from the viewpoint follow the trail to a gully and follow the path along the mostly dry stream bed down to the river. This section of the canyon, often referred to as the Clive River Galleria, is a popular ice climbing destination. Throughout the winter this is an easy snowshoe walk and in the spring you can see ice left on the walls well after the snow has melted.


Retrace your footsteps back up to the viewpoint. From there, follow the trail straight ahead along the canyon. The trail makes its way down where the rivers comes out of the canyon, making another 90-degree change of course. This spot makes another great viewpoint and access to the river.

The trail soon heads uphill and away from the river. The junction at the top is the one from earlier, keep left to make your way back to the trailhead.
The trail to Whitegoat Falls

The trail to Whitegoat Falls

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