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Winter Adventures

Explore Alberta's Winter Wonderland

Discover the magic of frozen waterfalls, ice bubbles and winter sights in the Nordegg & Abraham Lake region.

Winter adventures might seem like a crazy idea at first glance, but the rewards are well worth it. Amazing sunrises and sunsets, the clearest ice bubbles and majestic frozen waterfalls make us stop to capture the moment.

Abraham Lake Heli Tours
Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles
Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles

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Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles

The best spots to check out the famous Abraham Lake ice bubbles. Where to go, what to expect and how to make the most of your day.

Frozen Waterfalls & Winter Sights

Discover the magic of frozen waterfalls and winter sights in Alberta's winter wonderland.

Ice Climbs

Immerse yourself into our frozen wonderland as you make your way up icefalls and frozen waterfalls this winter.

Snowshoes & Winter Hikes

Winter is magical in the Nordegg and Abraham Lake region. Grab a pair of snowshoes or ice cleats and head out for an adventure.

Winter Scenic Flights

There's something special about taking flight and seeing familiar places like Abraham Lake from a different angle.