Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles


There’s something special about standing on frozen Abraham Lake, taking in the sights of the methane bubbles frozen in the ice while surrounded by the Canadian Rockies.

The lake starts to freeze in November with the ice bubbles at their best until early March.

Going looking for ice bubbles is a little like wildlife viewing. You never know how the conditions will change and while we can highlight some of the spots where you’re most likely to find them there are no guarantees. The best option is to go with a guide who knows the area well.

If you’re planning to head out on your own, make sure to check out the guides on the best locations and recent condition updates from Nordegg Adventures.

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Take in the beauty of the region while exploring on a scenic float, sightseeing tour or an ice walk on Abraham Lake.

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See Abraham Lake and the surrounding area from a different perspective on a scenic flight.