Aurum Lodge

On the shores of Abraham Lake

After an adventure packed day exploring the countless attractions in the area, consider unwinding and recharging at Aurum Lodge, a top-rated eco-lodge nestled amidst the trees near the shores of the turquoise waters of Abraham Lake. While the rugged beauty of the panoramic mountain vistas is a sight to behold, what truly sets Aurum Lodge apart is the creation of curated travel experiences where each guest feels like a member of the Aurum family from the moment they arrive.

Whether you simply seek to escape the bustle of city life by basking in the tranquility of this serene location, or to partake in the seemingly boundless adventures nearby, Aurum’s personalized approach to hospitality will create everlasting memories of joy and discovery.

The lodge is also home to the Golden Peaks Restaurant, which caters to both lodge guests and travelers passing through for the day. The restaurant’s fine casual menu is sure to delight the palate of both foodies and casual diners alike. While savoring the chef’s gourmet cuisine, guests are treated to some of the most beautiful mountain views of the valley from both the dining room and outdoor patio.