January 2023 Meeting Highlights

Discussing the plans for 2023, upcoming events and workshopping itineraries.

After a busy holiday season the partners got together again to discuss the plans for the upcoming year. A bit of a different format this month as we brainstormed itineraries and ideas for the future development of our region. Many thanks to the Nordegg Community Association for providing us with the Community Hall.

Important dates to note

Travel Alberta is renewing its Tourism Investment Program in 2023 and applications will be opening in early to mid-February. We will share more information on this as it becomes available.

Over the past 6 months, Travel Alberta has been working on a plan for the David Thompson Tourism Development Zone, which has been identified as one of 10 Alberta regions with a high potential for tourism. The draft plan will be presented in Rocky Mountain House on March 1, 2023 and the final plan in Nordegg on April 19, 2023. Locations for both events will be provided at a later date.

Frozen Wonderland Festival

We made some changes to our plans after listening to the feedback we received from lodging partners. The events are now spread out over multiple weekends, providing more opportunities for visitors to plan a trip to the region.

Launching in early February and spanning over several weeks, this festival celebrates all the things we love about winter in our region with outdoor adventures, art & craft workshops and more. The full schedule of events is available here, with more activities in the works.

The historic Nordegg Golf Course
Lisa Lima from Travel Alberta presenting on the Ultimate Travellers

Speaker Series & Industry Workshops

We are excited to host our first Speaker Series and Industry Workshops this winter/spring. We are hoping these talks and workshops will enhance our knowledge and skills in a variety of domains related to our area. Some of the events will be open to the local community as well. Jason Thompson (Storytelling), Dale Leckie (Geology) and Alice Koning (Night skies) are some of the speakers we look forward to hosting. The schedule of events is available here with more speakers to be added in the next few weeks.

Workshopping itineraries and packages

Much of our meeting was spent workshopping itineraries and discussing the problems we face as a fast-growing tourism destination. Some of the main roadblocks that need to be addressed are the lack of long-term staff and staff housing, as well as the lack of infrastructure and signage. The status of the historic mine site was also brought forward, generating some ideas about what can be done to reopen it. We will continue our work on itineraries and packages at our next partners’ meeting in February.

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October 2022 Meeting Highlights

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Some Numbers on Staff Housing

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Commercial Garbage Collection

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