Living in Nordegg

Thinking of making the move to Nordegg? Here are a few of the questions we get asked about living in our region.

How do I find a place to live?

This one is the most challenging. There are very few long-term rental properties available in Nordegg and most of the time places rent before ever being listed anywhere. Talk to potential employers and locals to see if they know of anything currently available.

The Shunda Creek Hostel offers affordable lodging options while you look for longer-term options. Living in your van or RV is also an option. Camping is prohibited within the townsite but random camping on the public lands surrounding Nordegg is an option. You will need a $30 annual permit from the provincial government and will have to move location every 14 days. Laundry and shower facilities are available at the Shell gas station in town.

A few houses come up for sale every year and vacant lots for those looking to build a new home are almost sold out. Clearwater County is working on the next phase of development but there are no timelines available yet. You can find out more about their plans for Nordegg here.

Do I need a vehicle to live in Nordegg?

Yes. Life in Nordegg is challenging without one since there is no public transit and you will likely need to drive to Rocky Mountain House (an hour away) from time to time to pick up groceries and other supplies.

Hiking Whitegoat Falls
Kayaking on Fish Lake

Where do we get groceries? What services are available?

Locally, you can get some basic groceries at either of the gas stations. Beehive Artisan Market carries fresh veggies and the Nordegg Canteen has products from regional producers available. Larger grocery stores are available in Rocky Mountain House, an hour away.

Residents usually go to Rocky Mountain House, Red Deer, Calgary or Edmonton for other services.

Where do kids go to school?

The nearest schools are in Rocky Mountain House. The Wild Rose School Division offers busing from Nordegg with the kids leaving town around 7 am and returning home around 5 pm.

What is there to do for recreation?

Lots, that’s why most of us moved here in the first place. It’s a great place for outdoor adventures and you can find more ideas on

The Nordegg Community Association operates a skating rink and sledding hill at the community hall, along with events for residents throughout the year.

Want to find out more?

Send us an email at and tell us a little about yourself. We’ll be happy to get you in touch with locals who can share their experience living in the region.