Our Story

We believe that our region is a truly amazing place, with outstanding experiences to be shared with our guests. It’s still a little rough along the edges, making it hard sometimes for our visitors to see what we see.

The roots of what is now Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake started back in 2012 as the Explore Central Alberta blog on our website for Nordegg Adventures, back when we were known as Pursuit Adventures and based in Red Deer. We found it hard to find experiences that would appeal to our guests and most of what we could find was the usual listing of everything that exists in the area. We wanted something that went beyond the “there’s something for everybody” approach and started to build guides for activities that would appeal to our guests.

It was a side project at first but as time went on it became clear that our guests were looking for this type of information. In the fall of 2018, we relaunched the site as a standalone website at explorecentralalberta.ca. This allowed us to update the guides to a new format that was more user-friendly, to expand the content and simplify the experience booking process for visitors.

Cozy evenings at Expanse Cottages
Abraham Lake and the David Thompson Highway

In 2020, during the pandemic, we made the decision to relocate to Nordegg and to focus our attention on the west end of David Thompson Country. We rebranded the site as Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake and re-aligned the content to focus only on our region, located between Central Alberta and the Mountain National Parks.

We decided to create a separate nonprofit corporation for Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake in 2021 so that we could better focus our efforts, access support and make some logistical challenges like insurance easier to address. The Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake Corporation is now a federally registered nonprofit owned by Nordegg Adventures, focused on the responsible development and promotion of our region as a destination. This allows us to keep Nordegg Adventures focused on the tours we offer directly while we focus on partnerships and joint initiatives here.