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A collection of stories, adventure guides, updates, tall tales and inspiration for your next adventure in the region.

All the stories we share are by locals, whether they live here or love our region and contribute to making it an amazing place. 

It’s about why we love this place, showcasing the people that make it special and the adventures that keep us excited to explore. It takes different forms but always keeps us inspired to go out and play.

Ice Climbing in Nordegg
Expanse Cottages

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Latest Updates + Ice Conditions

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions - January 20 2022

The signs of Monday night's storm are mostly gone thanks to a couple of days of strong winds clearing the ice.

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions - January 15 2022

The warm weather is creating some challenges but there are lots of great bubbles to be found if you're willing to spend some time exploring.

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions - January 10 2022

Some of the clearest ice we've seen in a long time while doing guide training for Nordegg Adventures' Ice Bubbles + Starry Skies Tour.

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions - January 1 2022

The stronger winds over the past few days means that we're finally seeing most of the lake clearing up.

Latest Itineraries + Trail Guides

Coral Creek Canyon

This snowshoe gives you a sense of wilderness and great views on an adventure that can be done in half a day.

Allstones Creek Winter Hike

A fun little canyon hike filled with rock features and a frozen waterfall.

Whitegoat Falls Winter Hike

A pretty frozen waterfall that’s well worth the short hike through the forest.