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A collection of stories, adventure guides, updates, tall tales and inspiration for your next adventure in the region.

All the stories we share are by locals, whether they live here or love our region and contribute to making it an amazing place. 

It’s about why we love this place, showcasing the people that make it special and the adventures that keep us excited to explore. It takes different forms but always keeps us inspired to go out and play.

Ice Climbing in Nordegg
Expanse Cottages

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Latest Updates + Ice Conditions

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – November 25 2023

The ice at Preacher's Point is currently snow-covered and conditions remain variable.

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – November 10 2023

Great early season conditions continue at Preacher's Point.

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – October 31 2023

A fantastic start of the ice bubble season at Preacher's Point.

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – April 3 2023

This will be the last update of the season. The lake is currently 100% snow covered after a series of spring storms, making the bubble hunt challenging, but fun!
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Exploring the Region

The Heli Wilderness Experience

Taking flight with Rockies Heli Canada to see Abraham Lake and Lake of the Falls from a different perspective.

Latest Itineraries + Trail Guides

Shunda Creek Place

A mountain home set into a forested area 5 minutes from Nordegg. The amazing location is private, located at the base of Coliseum Mountain.

Frontier Lodge

Frontier Lodge is a Christian retreat centre, guiding company and summer camp located just west of Nordegg.

Snow Creek Group Campground

Snow Creek Group Campground provides a secluded camping experience close to Nordegg and Abraham Lake.

Saunders Campground

A small campground found in Saunders Provincial Recreation area, most suited for canoers and boaters launching or exiting the North Saskatchewan River.
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