The Pursuit Adventures Experience

Early winter sunset on Abraham Lake

What makes an adventure uniquely ours has lived mostly in our heads and a collection of notes. As we wrap up our first 10 years of adventure we’re taking some time to make sure that we are ready for what’s next. That includes making sure that we have the right processes in place for our team and partners.

These guidelines are a small step towards being better at explaining who we are, what we do and the new adventures we’re dreaming up.

They explain our approach to creating adventures, from the early stages of the journey through the in-person experience and afterward.

It covers why we do what we do, who we do it for, how we do it and finally what we do. It provides an overview of our approach to adventure development, one day we may have the time to go into more details.

Trying to answer what makes an adventure uniquely ours is a journey that started 4 years ago, as we realized that not everybody looked at experiences the same we did. It’s a journey that will probably never be completed as we continue to learn and play with new ideas.

This document doesn’t cover the theories that ground our approach and doesn’t provide all the steps to design or facilitate your own adventures. One day we may put something together that goes deeper but for now those are things we cover during our guide training.

This is a living document, updated as we find new opportunities or encounter roadblocks. Whenever you see something that should be corrected or added, let us know.

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The Pursuit Adventures Experience

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Crafting Adventures Workbook

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