Nordegg Adventures Staff Training

Welcome to Nordegg Adventures! The information available here is our company handbook and general orientation for new staff.

We’re working on bringing together the information you need as a Canteen staff or guide to create memorable experiences for our guests.

It’s a work in progress and we’re adding more information as we go. Let us know if there’s something missing or if there’s something that you would like to contribute.

The details of the training you have completed and the handouts from workshops are available on your profile page.

As a staff, you also have access to all courses listed on the Adventure Guide Training Courses page.

Nordegg Adventures Staff
Nordegg Adventures Staff

General Information

These courses are applicable to all staff, no matter your role at Nordegg Adventures and the Nordegg Canteen. They help answer general employment questions, cover health and safety policies, and explain our guiding principles.

Guides: Training & Tour Information

These are the documents for our current tours along with the notes from our professional development sessions. All staff can also access the Adventure Guide Training Courses.

You can find the record of all the sessions you’ve attended on your profile page.

Adventure Packages: Itineraries, Gear Lists and Tour Information

Hiking at Whitegoat Falls

Guided Hikes

This course builds on the Adventure Guide Training Courses and applies those principles to the guided hiking tours we offer at Nordegg Adventures.

Professional Development: Training Sessions, Workshops and More

Nordegg Adventures Staff

Guide Training Sessions – Winter 2021/22