Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – December 1 2023


Recent windy days mean the bubbles are making a reappearance.

As we are still awaiting the big freeze on most of Abraham Lake, conditions have improved at Preacher’s Point. Strong winds have started to blow off the snow that fell last week, and the bubbles are a bit easier to find and have a beautiful polished look. Be aware that there is still open water close to shore and at the river channel.

A reminder that early season conditions are always more challenging to assess. Bring an ice screw to check the thickness for yourself before heading out and take a few moments to review some of the ice safety basics before you go.

Where to Go

Preacher’s Point is the only section of the lake that is frozen at the moment.


What will the conditions be like tomorrow? The truth is that we don’t know. The weather is unpredictable and conditions change quickly. What we can share is what we saw that day to give you a starting point as you plan your adventure.

How come I didn’t see bubbles while you posted some from that day? We get this question a lot and it usually depends on where you went. Abraham Lake is a large reservoir and conditions can be drastically different from one end to the other. The Nordegg Adventures guides sharing these updates are on the lake daily and know where to go depending on the conditions. If you’re heading out on your own, use the information we share as a starting point and give yourself plenty of time to explore different locations if conditions at your first choice are less than ideal.

Is it more dangerous at this time of the year? It depends. This time of the year sees larger temperature fluctuations than what we would see in mid-winter, making it even more important to check the ice for yourself before heading out. At the same time, the most challenging sections of the lake are still open water making it an easy decision not to go there for a walk.

How can it be safe to go on the lake when parts of the lake are not yet frozen? Abraham Lake is over 30 km long with very different weather conditions throughout. Preacher’s Point usually freezes 6 to 8 weeks before the rest of the lake making it a great option for the early season when the rest of the lake is still open water.

Is it earlier than usual this year? No. Preacher’s Point is usually frozen by late October to early November. In 2020 it was frozen by October 30, in 2021 it was frozen by November 15 while in 2022 we had ice by November 3 (it was snow-covered until mid-November however).

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