Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – February 16 2023


It’s been an incredibly mild January and first half of February at Abraham Lake, but the ice is still mostly in great shape.

The lake got some snow in the last week and is currently about 50% snow-covered, but the unrelenting winds howling through the valley should be clearing the ice fairly quickly.

One important thing to note is that the recent warm weather has broken up the ice north of Windy Point, leaving vast pools of open water. The area should be avoided at this time.

The ice is mostly in great shape between Windy Point and Preachers Point, and the bubbles are best viewed from the Ice Bubbles Parking Lot and Abraham Slabs. The lake has dropped fairly low and there are now large areas of angled ice to navigate to get down to the lake – make sure you have microspikes.

There is still open water and thin ice caused by the stream at Belly as mentioned in our last update. We recommend that you only venture onto the ice in this location if you are familiar with the area and have good knowledge of ice safety.

Where to Go

Ice Bubbles Parking Lot and Abraham Slabs are probably still the best options at the moment. The ice is getting a bit cloudier as the weeks go by, but there are still plenty of great bubbles to be found, lots of clear patches, and endless exploring to do.

Preacher’s Point isn’t the best for bubble viewing, but the ice features are worth checking out.

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