Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – January 2 2021


White ice around 12 -15 cm on most of the lake making it harder to find ice bubbles. Preacher’s Point it still the best option.

We’re back to warmer days and the ice thickness has been staying around 15 cm, with some areas thinner. Make sure to check before you go as we’re seeing lots of variation in the ice quality. The forecast is warm for the next couple of days, combined with strong winds.

The lake froze during a snowstorm this year and a lot of the lake is currently covered with a layer of white ice, making it hard to see any bubbles in those areas.

We’re also seeing an increase in people skating this season, which combined with limited ice means that you should expect lots of marks on the ice in areas that are easily accessible.

In the meantime, Preacher’s Point remains the best option despite being partially snow-covered and busy. As the water level continues to drop, water in this area is now down to the river channel. This now includes the area near the point that was still flooded a week ago.

Some of the best spots we’re finding for ice bubbles right now are further away, often 1 to 2 km away from the highway.

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