Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – January 24 2024


The lake froze in a snowstorm this year leading to a lot of white ice, meaning it takes a bit more effort to find the bubbles.

Temperatures have been fluctuating dramatically, going from extreme cold last week to above zero daytime highs the last couple of days. Ice conditions remain good and the ice is over 2 feet thick in areas we checked. Most of the snow that fell last week has been blown off by the strong winds.

There is a lot of white ice to navigate this year and some very interesting features due to the lake freezing in a snowstorm. Clear ice and great bubble patches can be found from all the usual access points, but you do have to put in a bit of effort to find them.

Where to Go

The Ice Bubbles Parking Lot, Hoodoo Creek, Abraham Slabs and Cline Landing all have great bubble patches but you will have to be willing to explore a bit.

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