Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – January 8 2021


The ice is getting thicker and there are some great bubbles, cracks and ice features to be found. Finding them is a little harder this year.

We’ve seen colder nights this past week and the ice is slowly getting thicker. On January 8 we were seeing 21 cm of ice on our tests in the area near the new parking lot, up a centimetre from the day before and 6 cm thicker than a week ago.

The lake froze during a snowstorm this year and a lot of the lake is currently covered with a layer of white ice, making it hard to see any bubbles. The patches of clear ice with bubbles in the areas between the new parking lot and Whitegoat Creek are smaller but beautiful.

The easiest access is at the new parking lot where you’ll find clear ice and bubbles near the access. The other areas we’re using for our tours require a one to two kilometres walk.

Preacher’s Point is still a great option. The ice is on the ground outside of the main river channel and we’re seeing lots of great ice formations, bubbles and features with the rocks and grass underneath. The river channel re-opened this week at the point but the area is still fairly easy to navigate with a basic understanding of ice safety.

We’ve also found some clear ice with bubbles at the Cline Landing area but those were close to 2 km away from the access. The ice in that area has a white layer that will most likely stay all winter.

We’re also seeing an increase in people skating this season, which combined with limited ice means that you should expect lots of marks on the ice in areas that are easily accessible.

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