Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – March 2 2023


Still lots of bubbles to be found, although you may have to put in a bit more effort to find them.

March snuck up on us! This is one of the best ice bubbles season we can recall, and we are currently enjoying great late-season conditions. The lake is about 70% snow-covered, but the last few days have been extremely windy so the ice should clear up quickly.

The shore ice has lots of interesting features and the late-season honeycomb has begun to appear. It does take a bit more effort to find good bubbles now, and you will have to walk further than earlier in the season and navigate long portions of angled ice to get down to the best spots. Nevertheless, the bubbles are still looking really good for this time of the year.

Where to Go

We are still recommending the Ice Bubbles Parking Lot and Abraham Slabs as the best bubble-viewing locations at this time.

Anything north of Windy Point should be avoided due to vast swaths of open water, and if you choose venture out on the ice at Belly you should be extremely cautious where the creek comes in.  

There are little to no bubbles to be found at Preachers Point, but the ice features and great scenery are always worth checking out.

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