Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – November 29 2022


The return of the cold means the first signs of ice elsewhere on the lake.

The cold temperatures mean that the ice is forming fast once again. We usually check the ice with a 19 cm ice screw (that’s why we usually report ice to be 18+ cm) but today we used the auger to do a hole through the ice at Preacher’s Point where we found over 45 cm of strong clear ice.

The water levels are still fairly high on Abraham Lake, making Preacher’s Point part of the lake rather than the river at this point. We found no current under the ice but this will change in the coming weeks, or days, as the levels drop and the river starts to once again run under the ice at Preacher’s Point. Once this happens you’ll want to take extra caution to check ice conditions as you go if you’re planning to see the ice bubbles on the far shore.

As usual, shore access and the section near the point downstream from the parking lot are the riskiest at this time of the year.

The warm weather has left the ice a little rougher than usual making it not a great option for skating at the moment.

The ice was snow-covered today but we were finding some clear ice and bubbles underneath. Make sure to bring a broom with you if you’re heading out in the next few days.

Abraham Lake is a large reservoir and conditions vary considerably from one end to the other. The Preacher’s Point area always freezes 6 to 8 weeks before the rest of the lake. You can see in the pictures below that the first signs of ice are starting to appear on the rest of the lake but it could be a few days, or weeks, before we get enough ice to explore those areas. Make sure to check conditions yourself before venturing out, or better head out with a local guide. They get to experience the area daily and can help you find the best spots on any given day.

Thanks to the team at Rockies Heli Canada for spending time with us on the ice today. Working together with other local guides helps all of us get a better understanding of the local conditions and create amazing experiences for our guests.

As always, the highest risks on Abraham Lake are on the rocky shoreline as you approach the lake and while standing on the ice near the shore. Make sure to brush off on your ice safety skills before you head out.

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